The University of Bristol is a world-leading research institution (top 5 in the UK).

Diversity leads to new creative solutions. We strongly encourage applications from under-represented groups, such as women, racial and ethnic or any other minorities (we are also a member of ALBA, a network for diversity in neuroscience). Bristol is known for its exciting mix of cultures and backgrounds, making it an unique open-minded city to live in. What is important is that you have a keen interest in understanding how we learn.


We have two long-term postdoc positions openning soon funded by a ERC Starting Grant. Get in touch if interested!

We are always interested in hearing from potential postdocs - please contact the PI early and we can work on figuring out funding. There are a number of prestigious fellowships available that would allow you to lead exciting research at the intersection between neuroscience and machine learning in collaboration with our group, such as:

PhD students

Bristol has a number of doctoral programs which would allow you to join our group:

Master and undergrad students

If you are a masters or undergrad student at the University of Bristol, please contact us to discuss possible projects. We always have a range of exciting projects at the intersection of neuroscience and machine learning.

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